Is Self Love Still Relevant?

Is Self Love Still Relevant?


The Relationship you have with yourself, sets the tone for every other relationship


Love is in the air! Yes, Valentine’s Day could be part of the reason everybody seems some lovey- dovey right now, but that’s not the love I’m referring to. While it’s always beautiful to see happy couples, family or friends celebrate their loved ones, I’m talking about the love I’m witnessing people show themselves more of each day. Self-care seems like a term that’s thrown around so carelessly but it truly is the start of true self love. Someone great once said, “love yourself girl, or nobody will.”

So is self love still relevant? Hell yes. Self love (and grace) is that thing that gets you up in the morning. It’s when you decide to move and do something to make yourself greater, decide to love who you see in the mirror, and decide to forgive yourself for past mistakes. Whether you know it or not, others can tell when you’re not giving yourself that good love that you so deserve.

Longing for that deep connection with the future love of your life? Start by treating yourself with love and respect. People will treat only as well as you treat yourself. Need help promoting self love? Try one or all of the tips below:

1. Recite affirmations

Your words have major power, so be conscious about what you’re telling yourself. I love seeing videos of parents starting their children young, reciting positive sayings before they start their day. Phrases like, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”, “I am more than enough”, and anything else that fires you up will make a difference when repeated daily. You can even write them down and post them somewhere you know you can’t avoid stopping and reading. Try the bathroom mirror like my girl Mary Jane Paul.

2. Stop overexerting yourself

Loving yourself isn’t just about doing whatever you want, whenever you want, just because you can. It’s also about being responsible and not causing your own stressors. Saying ‘No’ is okay sometimes, you’re only one person. FOMO is real, but so is the first of the month when rent and bills are due. Your peace of mind should always be the number one priority

3. Get to know YOU

This may sound silly but, when’s the last time you spent alone time with…you? Just like everyone around us, we’re changing every day. Our interests change, our tastes mature seemingly overnight, our ideals and values even transform as we we get older. Try the ‘10-year challenge’, but instead of pictures, sit and jot down how much your likes and dislikes have changed over the years. You may be surprised to find you’re really not the same person you were before. Bonus: the better you know yourself, the easier it’ll be to sift through BS, especially on the dating scene.

4. Take care of your body

You only get one in this life. Even if you decide to nip and tuck, it’s still so important to adopt a more active lifestyle. Throw on your favorite playlist and take a walk around the neighborhood or local mall. In addition to exercise, watch what you consume; that includes food, programming, gossip, social media and news. Remember how we talked about words having power? What you feed yourself affects your body, make sure it gets the good stuff.

In this season of love, I challenge anyone reading to get in the habit of loving yourself, youdeserve it.

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