Beyond the Comfort Zone:  Pillow Talk Live

Beyond the Comfort Zone: Pillow Talk Live


You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.

— Roy T. Bennett

Wow! We Did it! The first episode of Pillow Talk Live with Kendra Kenshay was amazing and I am still on CLOUD NINE with the positive responses we’ve received!

In case you missed it, Kendra and I sat down with a few of our friends and talked more about Redefining the Influencer, which was originally released on Boss Moves Podcast.

If you know me, you know this is something beyond my comfort zone. Yet, with the release of the podcast – I thought it was just as important to take the conversation a bit further, to create a space where we can see women who look like us, making boss moves, sharing their authentic journey.


Kendra Kenshay was the perfect person to embark on this journey with. Kendra is a Lifestyle and Beauty Enthusiast with a passion for educating and inspiring. As you (may) know, I am a career driven women enthusiast on a mission to see us all win!

With our combined interest in inspiring – we’re sure to make Pillow Talk Live, engaging, a little funny, but most importantly empowering to all. We will dig deep into hot topics related to current events, real life, celebrity tea and of course, spill a little tea about ourselves!

Get comfortable, lean on your favorite pillow (or two) and join the conversation.

– Kendra Kenshay

Live shows will be on a monthly basis via Instagram Live, and YouTube. Exact date and times will be announced in the coming week but be sure you are following @therealmrspope and @kendrakenshay so you don’t miss any episodes.


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