Collaboration Over Competition

Collaboration Over Competition

“Be too busy watering your own grass that you don’t have time to compete with others.”


#1 Competition Is A Confidence Killer

It’s become so easy to inadvertently compare our lives to other people, whether they be friends or complete strangers. We want that level that they’re on or that house that they live in so we set out to get something just like theirs or better. The reality is, silent competition can cause internal struggle and you may never feel good enough compared to the person whose life you’re obsessing over. Competition should be healthy and fun, not self deprecating. Become comfortable on your own journey, we were all given special assignments that we should feel honored to carry out.  


#2 Competition Kills Relationships.

So you can’t quite keep up with the Jones’ and now you’re stressed and taking it out on everyone around you. Pretty soon, those relationships will dissipate completely. Whether you realize it or not, unhealthy competitiveness can negatively affect your energy and turn off the people who care about you the most. Do you boo, it’s much better than trying to be or beat someone else.  


#3 Competition Hurts Your Health

Don’t get me wrong, competition is exciting; especially when it’s had in a healthy manner. For some, it makes you rise to the occasion and learn things about yourself that you may not have uncovered otherwise. However, always competing can be bad for your health too. Unhealthy competition leads to stress, the deadliest state of being known to man. Have you ever taken note of how you feel when you’re stressed? You probably remember that it didn’t feel good. Your body can become so tense and your thoughts, dark. Roll your shoulders back, take a deep breath and rethink your motives- it’ll make all the difference.


#4 Collaboration Always Wins Over Competition

Now you know that competition can seriously alter your health, relationships, and your confidence; but you can transform that competitive spirit into something so powerful- collaboration. Instead of competing with everyone around you, try teaming up and using your gifts in conjunction with theirs. Know a bomb hairstylist who could use a talented makeup artist for their clients? Collab! When we bring our talents together you can create a powerful team, and even teach each other something.

#5 You Are You And That Is Your Power!

You are important! Truer words have never been spoken and it’s something that you should tell yourself everyday. There’s nobody on this earth quite like you, so no one will ever compete and neither should you.  Comparing yourself or your circumstances to someone else will end up leaving you empty. It’s okay to seek inspiration, but don’t lose yourself. The only thing you should try to become is a better you than the day before. 

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