Confident Women…

Confident Women…

Quote: “Arrogance requires advertising. Confidence speaks for itself”


“Her confidence is crazy!” When you read that statement I bet someone specific came to mind. Who did you think of, your mom? Your favorite political activist, actress, artist? Did you think of yourself? The confident woman is one who cannot be looked over. There’s something about their presence that exudes ‘#Goals’. Although we should try our best not to compare ourselves to others, sometimes it’s helpful to adopt similar habits of the people we admire in order to become our best selves. Here are 7 of those habits that come with a confident woman:

1 – She Asks the Right Questions

 Confident women are from the “show me” state; you have to make believers out of them. Their favorite question is “why?”. It’s not because they’re difficult or confrontational, but because if she’s going to do something, it’s got to be right and it has to make sense. That means she’s not afraid of speaking up if old ways of thinking don’t work for her current vision. However, she’s also not afraid to admit when she’s wrong and needs to start over again. 


2 – She Says What She Means

 “Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no”, loosely translates to mean: be definitive in your decisions. A confident woman does just that. There are some people who have the tendency to say ‘yes’ because they are perpetual people pleasers who can’t stand to disappoint those they care about, or anyone at all. Does it sound like I’m talking about somebody you know; maybe you? Well here’s a tip, it’s okay to say ‘no’ when you really aren’t feeling a request. It’s also okay not to offer any kind of justification for that ‘no’. It’s a complete sentence all by itself. It can seem harsh sometimes, so make sure you judge each situation accordingly, but also, stand your ground. Saying ‘yes’ to something or someone should only happen when that ‘yes’ is unequivocal and you’re certain you can give that task your all. Confident women are confident in their decisions. Whether your answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’, say it and mean it! 


3 – She Looks Like a Boss

 In terms of communication, it’s been said that the position of your body speaks way louder than your words can. Even if you’re not feeling your most confident, don’t let your body communicate that. Position your posture to exude confidence and your mind will follow suit. Sitting up straight, shoulders back, with your head held high says a lot and so does being slouched over, head down, with a look of defeat. Which formation will you tell your body to get into? 


4 – She Knows Her Strengths

 Know thy self. In order to be successful, it’s important to know who you are so that you can be your best self for you and others. That doesn’t mean just knowing where your strengths lie, but also where you fall short. Being aware of where you could use a little help isn’t a negative thing; we all fall short. It shows you care about self improvement. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are so imperative in business and a reminder that almost nobody can do everything by themselves. Say you wrote a book and you’re looking for graphics for your cover. If you know that your artistic skills are limited to stick figures and odd shapes, outsource! A confident woman knows her limits and knows how to establish a team instead of burning herself out trying to be superwoman. 


5– She Can Celebrate Others and Herself Too

Confident women give credit when it’s due. Hating is not an activity that a woman who is secure in her abilities has the time or energy for. She’s okay with giving props to her sister coming up beside her or anybody she sees doing well, without distributing backhanded compliments. She can be genuinely proud even if her own journey seems to be taking longer to hit those milestones. Although we probably all have the tendency to compare ourselves to others every once in awhile, the confident woman snaps her self out of it and gets back to business while still cheering for others along the way. 


6 – She Practices Positivity

Practicing positivity is more than just a notion, it’s something that should be done everyday in order for it to become a lifestyle. Everyday is not going to be rainbows and sunshine, but the confident woman knows how to find joy in even the cloudiest of days. If you’ve met a woman who seems to have her stuff together but is mean and negative, you’ve mistaken her arrogance for confidence. The confident woman you are or are working to become, should strive to be surrounded with positive people to produce positive results. 


7 – She Knows Where to Go to Grow

You know you’ve leveled up in confidence when you do things outside of your comfort zone. It takes a bad woman to work past fear, introversion, or whatever keeps her inside her comfortable bubble, and try something new. She does this because comfort zones are no place for growth and growing can be truly painful or difficult. The results on the other side of that discomfort are worth it though, as nothing worth having comes easily. Confident women pride themselves in going through and growing through difficulty. 

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