All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.


Are you content with living a life of ‘what if’s?


 “I wonder what I could’ve been if I would’ve taken that chance.”

“What if I would’ve never given up on my dream?”

“What if I would’ve pushed myself just a little harder; what would my life be like now?”


Those aren’t the kind of internal conversations I want to be having with myself years down the line, so I make decisions every day to step out of the familiarity that is the “comfort zone”. The comfort zone is just that, comfortable. It doesn’t feel too hard, it allows us to coast through life without many failures and  without much pain, but in the end, it’s gotten us nowhere. A life full of regret and untapped potential is what the person who lives in their comfort zone has to look forward to. Is that what you see in your future? If not, I’ve got great news for you; you can step out of the familiar starting right now. Keep reading if you’re ready to turn your life up a notch and start living the life you were meant to live. 


Get Uncomfortable

When talking about discomfort, I’m not talking about situations that don’t feel right to your soul or don’t align with your morals and values. Getting uncomfortable has everything to do with stepping away from the ordinary routine and stretching your limits. It may not feel pleasant, but it should NEVER feel morally wrong. The greatest example of a group of people who constantly step out of their comfort zones are children. They’re often too young and still innocent enough to be blinded to insecurity. Adults encourage them by telling them they can do anything they set their minds to and they believe it! Our inhibition is quite possibly the highest when we’re young because the world hasn’t come to tell us otherwise yet. What would life be like if we still believed we could do anything? If we stopped being our own downfall? The truth is, we never stopped being capable of doing ‘anything’, we just stopped believing.  

 Use Somebody 

When you hear of somebody being “used” there’s typically a negative connotation associated with it. However, that’s because we haven’t been using people the proper way. We were all put on this earth to serve a particular purpose, a purpose that likely doesn’t serve us, but OTHER people. We’re all supposed to be used, just not misused or abused. We need people in our lives and inner circles who we can call on in times of need times when our own ability doesn’t seem to be enough. Think about who makes up the crowds in sporting events and mass speaking engagements: there are usually fans who are cheering and encouraging the performers to go on. These events may seem like they’re just a source of entertainment, but the ones performing thrive off of the people in the room. 

 Identify who you can count on in your own life to cheer you on and encourage you to step outside of the ordinary. Friends, family, religious leaders, mentors; there’s someone out there for everyone. Stray away from the thought that you don’t need anyone. 


Hone in on Your Purpose

What inspires you? Where does your hope lie? Why do you do what you do? Almost everyone with some kind of mission in life has a motivation to match. Always keep that thing or that person in mind as a reminder to take those small steps outside of your comfort zone. There are several ways to keep your motivation in the forefront of your mind: photographs of loved ones, a vision board, daily meditation, a journal. Decide what works best for you and commit to working towards and for your purpose daily. 


Push your limits

When’s the last time you decided to go on when you didn’t feel like it? It’s so easy to give up when we feel like we’ve had enough, but sometimes there’s more in us that we’re just not tapping into. Take one more step, write another chapter, accomplish another goal. You’ve got more strength than you know, don’t let your mind tell you to give up prematurely. Test your limits (safely) and see how much further you go.



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