“Fear is never a reason for quitting, it only an excuse.”  

Fear is one of those experiences that every one of us is familiar with. We may not have all of the same phobias or handle them alike, but they can be crippling to our development if we don’t face them and attempt to overcome. If you’re unsure of how to start your journey of ridding yourself from the stagnancy of fear, try these five steps: 

Call It Out:  Something is holding you back from reaching that next level, have you put a pinpoint on it? The first step to overcoming fear is acknowledging its existence. The next is to identify what it is. Are you really afraid of taking a step forward or are you afraid that you’ll fail once you do? I don’t believe most people are afraid of that destination they’ve long dreamt of reaching; the fear comes in not knowing what will happen along the way. 

Alter Your Perception:  Transforming your fear into something positive gives you the reigns over what seemingly controls you. Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies that there is. Instead of telling yourself you’re afraid of going out for that role, establishing that connection, or making that speech; plug in a spirit of gratitude. Be grateful for the opportunities that are available to you and see how your thoughts changes. 

Talk to Somebody: Speak up! Maybe it’s time you try to talk to someone you trust: A friend, pastor, therapist, life coach. These people are in your circle or have their professions for a reason. You never know what just having a listening ear can do for your situation. The person you choose to share with may have similar fears or at least a way to help quiet yours. 

Let It Go: Even when we plan everything to the tiniest detail and feel like we have everything under control, life can still swoop in and prove us wrong. Do your best and stay ready for whatever comes your way. The moment you realize you can’t truly control life is the moment you’ll be free. There’s no need to fear what you can’t control. 

 Today, choose to live on the other side of fear. 



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