Managing your Mental Health

Managing your Mental Health

“It’s up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind.”

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to stay healthy. I’ve also realized that being healthy isn’t just about eating well and keeping your body active, It’s monitoring what your mind and soul consumes too. It’s about the television programs we watch, the amount of time we spend on social media, the company we keep; and that’s just the surface. Life comes with so many beautiful moments as well as roadblocks and situations that just disturb our peace. So how should you manage to keep your mind clear and free from the toxins of life? Read on.

Set Boundaries

Can you imagine what driving would be like if someone hadn’t created the traffic light? What if there were no locks for our car doors and our houses? Sure, there are people who still run lights and break through locks anyway, but the rules are in tact for a reason and there are typically consequences if they’re broken. You need to set some parameters in your life. Whether it’s to hold yourself accountable or to keep an outsider from disturbing your mental health, boundaries are important. Sit down and earnestly figure out what’s healthy for your mind and what you could stand to get rid of. Maybe you spend too much time with someone who constantly brings your mood down. Just like the laws of the land have consequences when broken, so should you. It’s up to you to decide to remove yourself from the equation and keep better company and make decisions that promote the healthy mind you’d like to achieve. 


Sometimes life just takes a toll on us. We can’t even pinpoint what’s got our minds in a daze because it seems like literally everything and anything that can hit you, has. When this happens, it’s best to pause, take a breath and reset. Release the frustration through journaling or talking to someone you trust instead of bottling in so much emotion which can lead to more serious problems. Refocus your energy and think about things that bring you peace, or think about nothing at all. 

Cry it out 

You read that right; cry it out. Although this step could be categorized as a part of a ‘reset’, it’s way too crucial to not to discuss on its own. As said before, pinned up emotion causes stress which can lead to more serious and fatal outcomes. If you have a moment or a day when you feel like you’re bursting at the seams, I suggest you let that energy flow through tears. Sure, you may need a nap after or a strong drink afterwards, but having a good cry every once in a while is one of the most therapeutic actions you can take for yourself. It doesn’t make you weak, it keeps you strong and allows you to release what’s had you bound. After you’re done, get up, clean your face and move on with your newfound peace. 

Do What Brings You Joy

One common denominator between people who suffer from poor emotional health, is that they’re too busy giving their joy away to others. This looks like constantly allowing friends or family members to run their lives, envying the lives of others, or just never truly going after their dreams and goals. You do realize this is YOUR life, right? While there are times where you’re supposed to be selfless and consider others, if you’re a parent or caretaker for example, you still have your own well-being to be concerned with. Stop comparing your life, you have no idea what battles they’re fighting daily. Stop letting other’s opinions become law in your life; wise counsel is important, but you must make decisions that make sense for your journey. Choose joy, count your own blessings, and go after what you truly want. 

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