Career Goals:

Career Goals:

It’s a mistake to think being miserable is the price of making a living.

You’ve probably seen posts online that say something like, “Stop waiting for Friday”, “After Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF”, and other sayings that center around the idea that Mondays are a drag. I believe grade school is when the despise for Mondays began and it filtered right into our adult lives as some of us dread the start of a new work-week. I’d like to get us out of the mindset that we have to wait for the weekend to enjoy our lives. It’s time to create a life that you enjoy any and everyday of the week. 

Search for your purpose

Discovering what you want out of life requires introspection which is best done alone in a peaceful environment. The reason you’re probably miserable thinking about the impending work day or week is because you’re not fulfilling your desires or purpose. Some people may advise you to do what makes money not necessarily what makes you happy and that only the few lucky ones are able to have both. Don’t let that notion keep you from what you truly want. Yes, the bills must be paid, but you have to make deposits in your soul too. If you haven’t already, start taking the steps to creating the kind of life that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. Stop settling for merely existing. 


Don’t take the easy way out

When following the path to doing what makes you happy, it may (will) come with a few bumps in the road. Compared to the smooth road with clear signs, choose the bumpy road instead. Great things come out of our comfort zones. You don’t have to make drastic changes like quitting your job and depleting your accounts, but you should make investments in yourself to get where you want to go. A wise person once said, “let your day job fund your dream.” Work smart. 

Keep your circle tight

As you start changing your life, your environment and the people in it will likely change as well. This doesn’t mean you should drop your friends and family, but you should evaluate your relationships. Keep people who uplift, who criticize constructively, and who aren’t intimidated by your decision to elevate your life around you. Eliminate and promote as necessary!

Be realistic with your goals

When setting goals, don’t be so modest that you reach for things that are clearly in your grasp, but don’t be so outlandish that your goals are unrealistic either. Like everything in life, there’s a balance that you have to find or create. If you’re unsure where to start when setting goals, take a look at the lives of the people who have accomplished what you want to do. Study their steps and modify to fit your own needs.  

Your life does not have to be a drag. In fact, it should be the very opposite of that and I encourage you to take the steps mentioned to get on the route to living and working with purpose and passion. It may not come easy, but the outcome is worth it. Create the life you want, stop waiting on Friday to come around to be happy.

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