Victory Lap

Victory Lap

We probably should’ve listened when adults told us not to rush to grow up. I’ve been anticipating turning thirty for so long it’s hard to believe, yet exciting to know, it’s finally here. Three decades of life has come with many lessons, heartache, trying times, and amazing moments yet it’s still only the beginning. I’ve reflected on what learned and wish I could tell my twenty-year-old self; now, I’m strutting into my thirties with confidence and a few things I plan to carry with me in the next ten years. So here’s to a new beginning!

Peace of mind 

 “Peace is its own reward”- Mahatma Gandhi

Worrying can not add one single moment to your life. In fact, it does a great job of stealing time away that you can never get back. One thing I’ve learned is to stop stressing the small stuff and to let the big stuff go too. Tough times come around for a number of reasons: it could be to teach us a lesson, to force us to move forward or step back, or to help us learn something about ourselves. If you want to keep your peace, you have to make a decision that it’s more important than anything that might be happening “to” you. My wish is that I stay addicted to the feeling that a peace of mind gives me.

Security of self 

A word of advice for anyone of any age: Take care of yourself. Treat yourself well. Taking care of yourself looks different for everyone; but for me, it means protecting my peace, continuously learning myself and not faltering because of someone else’s idea of what’s best for me. It may be a process, but it’s important to figure out who you are and stand firm in that. Your dreams and goals will seem unrealistic to those who weren’t given your vision so become secure in what you want and who you are. 

Secure the bag mentality 

Secure the bag, sis! That phrase is used so often that the true meaning is lost on most. The bag isn’t just the money, the bag is anything you desire and every goal you want to accomplish. It’s becoming financially literate and using wisdom when making all decisions. In my thirties, I intend to get everything that I set my mind to simply because I know it’s possible. Those ideas in our heads aren’t there for no reason. Because tomorrow isn’t promised, there’s no better time than the present to go after what we want. 

Career Bliss 

To do what you love for a living is a dream that some spend their whole lives attempting to accomplish. I’ve been fortunate to have amazing mentors and a plethora of ups and downs that have become full circle moments and led me right where I am today. Being able to use my gift to connect with other women through hair, love, and life experiences is already fulfilling. Traveling and empowering women all over the world and making boss moves with some of the most amazing and talented women I know is that much greater. Everyone deserves to be happy in their career and I believe that it’s possible if you consistently put the work in. Put yourself out there. Network your ass off!  It won’t always be easy, but living the life you want makes it worth it. This is only the beginning but I’m enjoying every single moment.


Partnership, loyalty, love. Those terms may seem to describe romantic relationships but they’re characteristics I desire in my friendships as well. My family, my husband, and my friends exude what it means to love. There’s no way I would’ve made it this far without the people closest to me encouraging me and pulling me though, especially on the the days when I need an extra push. The people I surround myself with show their love by challenging me to be better everyday and add more than they take away. Keep those who show genuine love in your corner. They make the ride of life that much better.

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