RELOADED: find your passion

RELOADED: find your passion

Working Hard for Something we don’t care about is stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.

A strong and barely controllable emotion, an intense enthusiasm, a compelling desire. Those are all vivid definitions of what passion is and how the passionate often feel. Can you recall the last time you felt those emotions about something? I know of many people who discovered their destinies and have been following their heart’s desires since they were children and some who, well into their adult years, are still hoping that they’ll be able to find that ‘thing’ that keeps them up all night and gets them jumping out of the bed every morning. It’s wonderful and fortunate for the ones who know and operate in their purpose at earlier phases in life but the latter group of individuals aren’t necessarily behind the curve. They’ve likely gotten sucked into the hardships of life and have forgotten those activities that used to really make their imagination shine and bring out the happiest parts of them. If you’re a person in pursuit of passion, you’re not alone but you don’t have to continue occupying that space. 


Questions to ask yourself

  1. If money wasn’t an issue, what would I do for a living? 

  2. What activities make me forget to look at my phone? 

  3. What truly excites me? 

  4. What do I want to be known for/ what will my legacy be?   

Once you’ve answered the questions you might find reoccurring themes: cooking, teaching, writing, creating, designing etc. Consider turning those themes into actions. If you find great enjoyment in writing, have you considered starting a blog or contributing to an existing site? Do you keep up with the latest trends in fashion? Connect with fellow designers. Start creating and selling your work. Sign up for classes at your local design school. 

What I’ve learned is that your wildest dreams are waiting to be realized but you have to give them a little nudge and put in a little work to get the momentum going. There’s a still, small voice in your ear that’s speaking to you telling you to try something you love every day. That same voice should be used like an internal GPS because it’s trying to get you to live passionately and enjoy life completely. The process may not be simple; it’s going to take effort and energy but the outcome is waking up with purpose and excitement. 

Start going after what you want bit-by-bit and day-by-day and watch how things begin to shift.

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