Information Overload: All Advice is not good Advice

Information Overload: All Advice is not good Advice

Everyone has an opinion. Your mom, the neighbor, every blogger on the internet, the random person at the coffee shop. There will probably never be a shortage of advice in the world and that’s not all bad. However, all advice ain’t good either. There are so many self-help and self-development authors, bloggers, and podcasters in today’s society readily available to tell us “simple steps we need to achieve…”, myself included, but there comes a point when we need to filter out what applies and what should fly in our own lives, otherwise self doubt and all around chaos may ensue. I’ve pinpointed four ways to sort through how to deal with information overload.

Get your advice custom-fitted

 Understand that advice is merely a suggestion, not law that you have to abide by. Everyone has an opinion, solicited or not, on what you should do with your life. The people offering these suggestions do so based on their own unique experiences which differ from person to person. So it’s safe to say that not every piece of advice is going to fit you and your circumstances. It can be difficult to ignore friendly tips others have given us. When we’re given what seems to be sound advice from the people we admire and respect, we try our best to apply it to our lives by any means necessary; even if that information doesn’t really help us in the long run. It’s okay to listen to suggestions and keep it just that, a suggestion. Do what’s best for you.

Do it Now

 Have you heard the saying, “if you keep waiting for the ‘right’ moment, you’ll be waiting forever”? It’s true! When you do receive advice that is tailored to you and your circumstances, why take so long to act on it? We have a habit of waiting until all systems are a go and aligned perfectly instead of leaping and being okay with potentially falling short of our goals. The key is, once you find that advice that fits, jump in and keep jumping until you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Waiting around only wastes valuable time that you can never get back.

Listen to yourself 

Your intuition is wiser than you think; learn to heed to it. Trust that deep inside, you know what you’re doing. Even if you don’t have all of the pieces to the puzzle yet, keep moving and picking up more pieces along the way. Life doesn’t give you everything all at once. Gradually, with time and lessons, you gather what you need. Know that there’s no one on earth who just has it all figured out, some just learned to trust themselves to know what’s best for them. 

Avoid the smoke and mirrors

Don’t let the likes and glamorous pictures fool you! I’ve said time and again how social media has effectively pulled the wool over our eyes, leading us to believe that these celebrities or the family down the street are living the lives we only wish we could live. 9 times out of 10, they’re not. Their captions and blogs are filled with advice of how you too can be fabulous, but they only show what they want to be seen, remember that. Everyone has their high moments and their struggles just like me and you. Don’t fall victim to what you see on the screen; delete, block, unfollow, do what you need to keep your sanity and continue following the path set for YOU.

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