Class in Session: 6 Lessons to Organize My Life

Class in Session: 6 Lessons to Organize My Life

There’s a major difference between being busy and being productive and it’s summed on into one word: organization. Preparedness can be the difference in disaster and smooth sailing and is necessary both our minds and our everyday lives. Here are my 6 tips to keeping your life organized one step at a time. 

Map it Out

Wake up every morning and think about how you want your day to unfold. That’s the key to being intentional, thinking ahead and visualizing what you want before you go out to get or do it. There’s so much power in just a single thought so use that gift to tell your mind that you’re going to have a great day and believe it. Behind those thoughts, action must follow. Intentionally get up and positively shape your thoughts then do something as simple as making up your bed to start a trend of organization in your space. You’ll be amazed to find how much smoother your day goes with simple planning amd execution. 

Delete disorder

To live with clutter is to live in a state of disarray and disorder. This disorganization can live in your mind and in your home, but there’s a way to get rid of it all. Start by acknowledging the things that are taking up space then decide to let them go. Replace thoughts that disrupt your flow with those that edify instead. At home; clean up, discard and move on! 


Despite what you may have heard, there’s no such thing as a mind reader. Communication, or lack thereof, can be the difference in successful relationships and complete failures. It’s not only about getting your own point across, but ensuring that an understanding has been reached amongst all parties involved.  Clear expression and honesty prevents confusion and is the ultimate key to organization. 

Refuel and recharge

Eat well and drink your water, period. You can’t be expected to keep a clear and organized train of thought if you’re not giving your body the fuel that it needs to thrive. We often neglect our bodies by getting caught up in the tasks of every day life but forget that all of the work we do outside of our bodies will do us no good if we’re not around to reap the benefits. Take care of you first and give yourself the strength to handle everything else. 

The art of saying No

No. Read that again. Yes, that one word is a whole and complete sentence that some people need to get more comfortable using. Make it a priority to do what’s important to you. Stop saying yes to attending events that you don’t actually have the time for and yes to the tasks that you don’t have any interest in, out of guilt. Your time is valuable which means you can’t afford to waste it. Think about what matters to you- your family, your health, your hobbies, and put them first. 


Ending the day with intention is just as important as starting and going through the day with intention. At the close of each day, take the time to review the events of the past few hours. We’re in a constantly moving society which makes it so easy to zoom through days and even weeks until one day we look up and haven’t noticed all of the time that’s passed. Reflecting on each day helps us to think about what went right and what could have gone better, but most of all it helps us to release and rest. Tomorrow has its own trouble to worry about without carrying on the weight of one day to the next. End your day with a clean slate and get ready to get up and live another day better than the one before.

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