Caught Me By Surprise

Caught Me By Surprise

Now what? 

Have you ever had a dream for so long or a goal you’ve been working at for years that when you finally accomplish it, you feel lost afterwards? It seemed so impossible or just too far away that you didn’t plan for what would come next. When you’re working diligently, success tends to sneak up on you and leaves you longing for that next big thing. For that very reason I always encourage myself and others to not only celebrate the small wins, but to always have a plan. Keep reevaluating and creating new goals for yourself so you don’t spend too much time wondering what’s next and feeling like you’ve reached your pinnacle. There’s always more to do and every small win counts towards the bigger picture. Here are my tips to staying ahead of the game:

Get Over Yourself

I mean this in the nicest way possible, get over yourself! You’re not the only one who can keep the show rolling and the sooner you learn that, the better off you’ll be. Enlist the help of others and take some pressure off of your own shoulders. It’s true that not everyone will understand your vision or go after your dreams the way you do, but once you’ve established what you want and how you’d like to get there, it’s okay to accept and even seek other’s help to accomplish your goals. In fact, the greatest leaders and the people who garner that most success are the ones who establish a team and learn how to delegate instead of taking on every task. Trust others to use their own talents to push your agenda forward. Everyone serves a different purpose and has their individual strengths making up smaller, moving parts of something much bigger. Collaboration, using the unique strengths of each person, will always work better than competition.

Have faith 

The first step to your next achievable goal is believing in yourself. If you’re pushing a product or promoting a service that you’re not committed to, it’ll show. It’s become almost cliché, but hard work and dedication goes a long way. I believe we all have that fear of failure in the back of our minds, but it shouldn’t stop progression. So what if you do “fail”? Start again! But most of all, don’t let that fear stop you from following your passion and dreams in the first place.

Thank you, next!

So maybe you’ve decided that you have done all you can do in your current position or project. So what’s next? Most of us aren’t one-trick ponies; we have diverse aspirations and at times don’t feel like it’s possible to go after them all. Maybe now is the time to start that business that’s totally different from the current industry you’re in. There are no rules that say you can’t veer off the path and try something new. The point is, as long as you’re breathing there’s going to be a new goal to smash and it’s up to you to decide that you’ll continue to challenge yourself and stretch your limits.

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