Erika Pope is a Marketing and Development professional from Detroit. A graduate of Michigan State University – Erika’s journey to success crosses industries, state lines, and glass ceilings. With an out-of-the-box approach to creative marketing and branding, Erika is known as the Branding GOAT , a title she lives and breathes both on and off the clock. When it comes to elevating brand presence and notoriety, Erika has the Midas Touch.

As the Global Brand and Product Development Manager at House of Cheatham, she is responsible for the successful redevelopment of the company’s fastest growing and most profitable brand: Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils. In her first 6 months with the brand, she increased its social footprint by over 60%, a feat that could take years for others. While launching the brand into new domestic and international spaces, Erika has garnered broader distribution opportunities and created the brand’s first influencer initiative program.

In addition to her round the clock work with Aunt Jackie’s, Erika also manages 4 major haircare brands within the House of Cheatham portfolio, all of which are prominent staples in the hair care industry. Erika is a hardworking, hands-on leader, overseeing a team of digital content creators and producers to efficiently handle clients’ social media, public relations, new product manifestation, packaging, retail distribution and retention, and trade-show management.


The boss moves don’t stop there. When Erika isn’t managing PR, events, and expanding business distribution in South Africa or creating new products, nurturing relationships, and continuously studying her craft locally in Atlanta, you can find her somewhere inspiring and encouraging women to make unapologetic Boss Moves. She believes women who are empowered are not to be underestimated. “When women have the strength and the support needed they can achieve the unthinkable.” She is the creator and host of the Boss Moves podcast, a series that aims to give minority women a voice in the podcast sector, while celebrating the raw highs and lows of the journey to success. She bears her soul in her biweekly blog posts, offering her truth and educating others on how to overcome inevitable obstacles with strength and grace.

Erika Pope is without doubt unstoppable. As she fervently climbs the creative corporate ladder, Erika continues to uplift and create opportunities for other women to win. She credits her success to the support of her family, friends, and loving husband – Brandon.



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